Unexpected fresh design for PGRLF

Locality Oasis Florenc
Client Podpůrný a garanční rolnický a lesnický fond
Area 2 600 m2
Realization 07/2017
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Sometimes it is not easy to clearly grasp in the architectural design the central theme of our clientsˈ activities. This is not the case of the support and guarantee fund for agriculture and forestry (Podpůrný a garanční rolnický a lesnický fond, PGRLF), where we incorporated the topic unambiguously linked with the organization – nature – into all areas of its offices. The path to the project was more winding, than it could first appear, though.
The reason is that the client did not consider any architectonic design at the beginning of the project – the organization required only a reconstruction of the office interiors. As we progressed, we gradually excited the PGRLF representatives in the architecture and in the concept to create truly representative spaces for receiving visitors.
The lobby, on which we placed the greatest emphasis, includes not only a reception, but also a generous waiting area, that also serves as a space for informal meetings. The zone is formed by a built-in bench with soft seating and plants. The reception is dominated by a reception counter of artificial stone combined with a green Lacobel divider, which due to the reflections it creates, makes the entire space appear more spacious and airy.
The subject of PGRLF activities definitely had to be present in the new premises. We did not simply limit ourselves to live plants, which are plentifully present in the interior. The architects Erika Bohatá and Jakub Seči brought natural motives in various forms into the lobby with reception and six meeting roomsTriangle shapes appear through the entire interior – the look of the yellow and green features in the case of Voxflor Eurogarden carpets gives an impression of grass or leaves. In the case of the dividers, separating the waiting zone from the surrounding space of the lobby, the triangles resemble leaves or even trees. The natural motives manifest the playfulness of the interior – decorative elements do not give a clear answer and everybody can imagine something different in them.
The inspiration of nature applies not only to the shapes, but also to the materials and the colors used. Therefore, in the interior we find mainly wood and natural earthy colors combined with a striking green-yellow color. In the meeting rooms, the inspiration is manifested through large format photo wallpaper covering the whole wall – with different motives of nature in different seasons of the year.
The meeting rooms are furnished with Actiu Cool C500 tables that can be flexibly assembled into a large oval shaped table or detached into individual units that can be placed throughout the room – according to the needs of the meeting. In the waiting area, you can sit at Actiu Tabula tables in either LD Seating Galaxy or LD Seating Flexi chairs.

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