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Innovative relaxation area for ING

27/06/2017 - Fit-out - Architecture
For ING international bank we have designed another one of their offices, this time the Slovak branch located in the Bratislava Business Center V building complex, with an innovative relaxation area.
In the relaxation area, ING employees can take a rest playing darts, stretching on an exercise wall rack or playing mini basketball. In the second part of the relaxation area there is an elevated platform where teams can hold their meetings in an informal environment. In these kinds of informal spaces, members of different teams who would not be in contact otherwise, can meet more easily and many times this interaction generates some new ideas
It is also possible to work in this type of relaxation area – in general employees should have the opportunity to work in different places and in different positions. A relaxation center with enough places to sit and power sockets, like at the one at ING, is perfectly multifunctional.