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RICOH: Technicism and bright colors

30/05/2017 - Fit-out - Architecture
The combination of technicism and bright colors. These elements define the new Bratislava offices of RICOH, a company that has chosen to work with us for the second time.
Previously we designed and realized the new Prague office for this producer of top office, communication and photography equipment. As in the fit-out in the Czech capital, the architectural design of the offices in Bratislava was delivered by Ing. arch. Jan Andrle. The result is an expressive design with a predominance of grey, which is used on walls as well as closets, where it imitates concrete. Carpets with noticeable color stripes, resembling cable wiring, give the grey-toned premises a brighter look. The overall design follows the colors of RICOH products, and thus supports visitors identification with the brand.

In the interior, we can also find a novel detail, which enhances the fresh nature of the space: plant pots hanging upside down, complementing classic plant pots. Similar to the Prague headquarters, we chose Actiu furniture accompanied by feature selections from LD Seating and Pedrali.